My Top Ten Most Anticipated Films of 2013

My Ten Most Anticipated (announced) Films of 2013

Next year is fast approaching, and it's shaping up to be an interesting one for film. I've compiled a list of announced films that are set to release in 2013 as of December 6th, 2012 that I am excited to see. Two of these films (the top two, in fact) do not have trailers yet, but I am still ready to see them because of the people behind them and or/the story. This list is in descending order (#10 = less excited for, #1= most excited for) 

10. Iron Man 3

I like the new direction that they're taking. I hope that it's tighter and more serious than the disappointing Iron Man 2, but not so dark that the charm of Tony Stark gets lost in the mix.

9. The Great Gatsby 

I've just finished reading the novel, and I think that the whole flashy, over-the-top aesthetic that Baz Lurhmann is going for could really work. 

8. Side Effects 

Some might say that Steven Soderberg is being repetitive by doing another edgy film about medicine and sickness. I, however, loved Contagion, and I'm excited to see what Soderberg can do to detach Side Effects from its spiritual predecessor. 

7. Monsters University

It's no secret that I think Pixar has lost its magic. After Cars 2 and Brave, I don't know why I have any reason to look forward to Monsters University (a rather unnecessary prequel, might I add). It is mainly on this list for the purposes of hope. I hope that Pixar can manage to get its mojo back after a stale three years. 

6. Carrie 

I can see why some people are against this. It's a remake, and it's probably the 4th remake of Carrie's story at that. It's relatively high on this list because two of my favorite actresses star in the film; Chloe Grace Moretz as Carrie and Julianne Moore as her mother. 

5. Gangster Squad 

Emma Stone. Sean Penn. Ryan Gosling. That is all. 

4. Man of Steel 

The teaser for this Superman reboot really took be by surprise. It was beautiful. Zack Snyder has been known to have a different tone than that of the teaser, but I'm open for change after Snyder's terrible Sucker Punch. Plus, how could you fail when Christopher Nolan (director of the Dark Knight trilogy) is your producer?

3. Star Trek Into Darkness

The first teaser for this highly anticipated film was released on the day of this submission, and it is awesome. I was never a Trekkie before I saw J.J. Abrams' Star Trek reboot in 2009, but the film was amazing (though it contained too many unnecessary lens flares). I'm looking forward to this sequel because I know that Abrams has treated it with care; it's been four years since the original block buster, and I don't think he would wait this long just to create a piece of garbage. 

2. Kick-Ass 2

I am probably the biggest fan of the first Kick-Ass film. I love that movie; it's visceral, hysterical, satirical, and awesome--and it was one of the best performances of Nick Cage's career. A lot of people who saw the first complained about its gratuitous violence and language, which annoys me. IT'S A MOVIE, people. I hope that Kick-Ass 2 wasn't toned down to fit a PG-13 rating, because I feel like it would lose it's magic if the filmmakers felt the need to heed the critics' complaints. Either way, the film still has JIM CARREY, which is always a plus. Chloe Grace Moretz (making her second appearance on this list) will also return as Hit Girl. 

1. Elysium 

Oh, American film-goers. Why didn't any of you see District 9? The film is one of the most emotionally resonant and brilliantly thought-out science fiction films ever made. Yet hardly anyone cared when it was released in August of 2009. It is a wildly underrated film, in my opinion. It was also director Neil Blompkamp's first film-- and Elysium will be his second. Little is known about the story other than the setting (a barren and poverty-ridden Earth & a shining, gleaming space paradise known as Elysium) and the characters. Matt Damon stars as the protagonist, Jodi Foster stars as a Villain/anti-hero (?) and Charlto Copley (The star of District 9 [a wonderful first performance]) stars as a secondary character. This film is my most anticipated of 2013 mainly because I'm eager to see what else Neil Blompkamp can pull out of his pocketbook of ideas. I have little doubt in my mind that Elysium will be nothing short of spectacular.  

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