Being an American: 'Family, Friends and Freedom'

Sandy Lohr, 81, sits down with Patch to discuss July 4, World War II and what being an American means to her.

As Independence Day approaches, I sat down with local residents who lived through some of America’s most historic moments.

In the interviews, hear from these deep-rooted citizens at  and what being an American means to them.

Edgewater-Davidsonville Patch: What does being an American mean to you?
Sandy Lohr: To begin with, I love all the freedom we have, such as religion, speech and just being able to go from state to state. We can travel 3,000 miles east to west and south to north. 
I also like the many cultures we have here, especially in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC.

Patch: What historical event defines your experiences as an American?
World War II, I can’t really remember where I was but I remember the rejoicing—the praises and being so joyful that it was over. Oh, I heard it on the radio—it was Walter Winchell.
My daddy was Army and my husband was a paratrooper, and he jumped behind enemy lines in Korea. I have some sons in the military and they served our country so well.
I guess I just get goose bumps when I think that they’ve been all around the world and made it safely back here.

Patch: When you think of Independence Day, what emotions come to mind?
Of course it’s always getting together with family, friends and the fireworks. Happy, but thinking about our military always and remembering what they’re going through in the Middle East. Our young men are still dying everyday, I always think about a man fighting but it's not that way anymore, women are there too.
We’re so concerned with petty things, but these men and women are dying for us. I know that wars will be forever but I would just love to see it all come to an end. 

What does being an American mean to you? Tell me in the comments.

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