WATCH: Young Students Eager to Learn, Ready for Class

Patch caught up with the Wagners amid their back-to-school preparations early Monday morning.

children throughout Edgewater, Davidsonville and south county headed off to classrooms for the first day of the 2012-13 school year Monday morning. 

For Robbie and Bella Wagner, two students headed to , the first day of school brings excitement, smiles and an eagerness to learn.

Robbie, 6, and Bella, 9, are both headed to a new school this year due to , sending the brother-sister duo from Central Elementary to Davidsonville Elementary. At first, Bella said she was nervous about the switch, but because she knows everyone in her class, it doesn't bother her.

Their mother, Christine Wagner, said she wasn't a huge fan of the redistricting at first, but admitted it's "pretty special" since both she and her husband attended Davidsonville Elementary as children.  

"It's not the same building we were at ... but that's why we moved back here ... the community is great," Wagner said. 

After breakfast and before their bus arrived, Robbie and Bella engaged in one last summer-like activity—an epic lightsaber battle. But as it drew closer to their 8:49 a.m. pick-up time, the two young students were all business as they packed their backpacks, said bye to their mom and greeted their classmates at the bus stop, conveniently located at their driveway.

As her kids hopped on the bus, Wagner said despite the lessened noise in the house, she still wouldn't have much time to sit down and relax. 

"[When kids go back to school], you get to address all the things you didn't get to during the summer, like the basement that looks like a bomb went off," Wagner said half jokingly.

She went on to say her basement needed "a purging," now that summer is over.

About seven or eight parents remained at the bus stop chatting after their kids had all departed for school. In a moment of uncertainty, one of them chuckled and said, "Hey, when are we supposed to pick them up?"

Wagner laughed and said despite what some people may think, back-to-school time doesn't automatically mean parents are "off the hook." 

Did you have any fun back-to-school moments Monday morning? Tell me in the comments.

Unicornscanfly October 20, 2012 at 02:31 PM
Hello please make one on me in middle school


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