VIDEO: Southern Middle Principal Gets Soaked

Principal Jason Dykstra promised his students a chance to pelt him with water balloons if they reached their benchmark goals for this year's MSAs.

Southern Middle School principal Jason Dykstra was wet and cold Monday after approximately 175 seventh- and eighth-graders pelted him with water balloons.

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In an effort to increase the student body's motivation for this year's Maryland State Assessment (MSA), Dykstra made a promise. He visited each classroom and said if students hit their "benchmark," they would have the privilege of throwing a water balloon at their "normally-dressed" principal. 

Unfortunately for Dykstra, it was exactly the motivation they needed. 

"[The kids] got really excited about the initiative," Dykstra said. "Tests aren't fun for middle school students."

The faculty and staff set various goals for each student depending on their prior MSA performance. For some, an increase of 20-40 points was enough to earn a balloon. Upgrading to a higher level of comprehension earned you a balloon, too, Dykstra said. 

Surrounded by a circle of students, Dykstra received a face full of water as children erupted in shouts of joy. 

After the grade students ceased fire, Dykstra said: "I'm just wet. Very wet."

Audette E. Wood January 31, 2012 at 03:34 PM
That was awesome! Little do people realize that it was freezing that day!!!
Bob Jones January 31, 2012 at 07:03 PM
This just shows how serious the staff and students of Southern Middle School are about doing well on the MSA. As for the brave Mr. Dykstra, better him than me.


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