Trash Talk: Best Tweets Ahead of South River Football Game

Students and supports of South River and Arundel high schools are chatting it up before the big game Friday night in Edgewater.

Social media has forever changed the way people communicate and interact—perhaps nowhere more prevalent than when it comes to high school football “trash talk.”

With only a phone and a Twitter account, thousands of proud students can fire away little 140-character messages either supporting the school, or bashing their opponent.

Ahead of Friday night’s big game between the 2-1 South River Seahawks and the undefeated Arundel Wildcats, local residents have been quick to spat off their predictions and pride. Even recently graduated students like Nick Sia are getting in on the action.

According to students on Twitter, the Seahawks plan a special “blackout,” where every South River fan wears black to support their team. Not coincidentally, Arundel High supporters are planning a “white out” to counter.

South River High’s Athletics Director Dave Klingel said he’s expecting a solid turnout around 2,000 to 3,000, especially since the Seahawks haven’t hosted their cross-town rivals for almost six years, he said.

Klingel also said South River fans can expect a surprise at the game as the Seahawkws take the field.

To pass the time before kickoff at 6:30 p.m., take a look at some the best tweets about the game, ranging from South River pride to trash talk between students.

@Big_Jerm26 - “I’m just saying.. .We beat south river #GoBruins #Football”

@Sia_Man – “Also, I definitely feel like South River football should win Friday. But I also get the impression the run D is atrocious.”

@chdyer25 – “Arundel bouta whip south river in football anyways. Like you guys have chisolm in lax.. we have tyler young in football”

@papa_pendleton – “This Arundel south river game is gonna be sick ! #crofton #gambrills #rivals #oldfriends #football”

@ConnorCox3 – “@UrkelSwag: My man @connorcox3 is gonna throw 4 touch downs tonight”


@Jeff_Hirata – “I know there will be that one kid that doesn’t wear black…”


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