Too Cold For School? Local Parents Sound Off on AACPS School Day Decision

Keep them home or send them in? This question sparked a lively debate on the Edgewater-Davidsonville Patch Facebook page.

Should school be cancelled or delayed on days when tempretures are below zero?|Photo credit: Niles Patch
Should school be cancelled or delayed on days when tempretures are below zero?|Photo credit: Niles Patch
Is a wind chill of 12 below zero too cold for school?  

Anne Arundel County Public Schools did not think so, but some parents disagreed, weighing in on the schools decision to the tune of more than 500 comments on the AACPS Facebook page

Parents from Edgewater, Davidsonville and South County also had a lot say on the matter, though not every one disagreed with the school's decision to send kids in on time Tuesday. 

Readers weighed in on the Edgewater-Davidsonville Patch Facebook page Tuesday, and it was a mixed bag. Some parents thought school should have been canceled or even delayed due to the risk of frostbite in below zero temperatures. Others felt that parents should bundle up their kids and send them in like any other day. Still others felt like parents should be the ones to make the call—if they though roads were too icy or the wind was too cold, they should keep kids home. 

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Leslea Knauff January 22, 2014 at 11:16 PM
Given that the stores are mostly picked clean of children's winter clothing, coats, gloves, etc. and that we are not used to temperatures this cold in our region, it's understandable that parents are concerned about sending their children out in sub-zero weather. Remember, we are talking about mostly small children! If parents think it is too dangerous to send their children to school, they should be allowed to keep them at home when the temperature drops below a certain number without it being an unexcused absence.


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