Teens Go All Out for Prom Proposals

With South River's prom just around the corner, Patch highlights some of the more impressive prom proposals by local teens.

While on a vacation in Daytona Beach, FL, in April, senior Tara Fleshman walked onto her hotel room balcony and saw a word many high school girls are thinking about this time of year.


Etched in the sand was a huge “P-R-O-M-?” drawn by her boyfriend Chuckie Paige. It was his special way of asking the teen to South River’s prom this Saturday.

“I woke up to no one at the hotel room including Chuckie. I looked all over the place for him and could not understand where he might have gone,” Fleshman told Patch.

"His mother came in my room and told me to come outside on the balcony and look how pretty the water was that morning," she said.

“[When I saw it] I ran down to the beach, gave him a huge hug and kiss and said ‘Yes!,’” Fleshman said. “It was a very exciting experience. Chuckie said he spent a lot of time planning out when and how he was going to ask me.”

Asking significant others to prom has always been an exciting experience for high school students. For some, it’s a simple question. For others, it can sometimes be an enormous undertaking.

Last year in , a Shelton High senior named James Tate asked his friend to prom by taping cardboard letters to the side of his school. His date said yes, but the school’s headmaster gave Tate and his helpers one day of in-school suspension, forcing the senior to miss the dance.

In a clever but less risky effort to woo his girlfriend, South River’s Daymon Woodard asked Alyson Lynch to prom using an unorthodox method—with Powerade bottles.

“My favorite drink is Powerade and it is a joke among my friends because I always have a bottle on hand. [Woodard] drove around in circles for a while and he blindfolded me. We ended up at the pier in my neighborhood and he had written ‘PROM?’ out of 75 Powerade bottles,” Lynch said. “Now we call them ‘Promerades.’ It was the perfect way to get asked to prom.”

Plenty of other teens have come up with nifty ways to ask their significant others to the classic end-of-the-year dance. One planned a surprise pop quiz with the cooperation of his class to ask his girlfriend, while another programmed a Build-A-Bear in a tuxedo to say “Will you go to prom with me?”

But like many things in life, there isn't always a happy ending to all of the prom proposals.

Anna Booth’s close friend of five years asked her to prom on a park bench in Beverly Beach overlooking the South River. But after learning Booth didn’t want to be “more than friends,” he canceled the prom invitation.

“He came to the conclusion that if we didn’t go together as more than friends, then we shouldn’t go together at all,” Booth said.

The South River teen said she plans to have a great time regardless, and said she thinks the prom’s emphasis shouldn’t always be “a romantic prom” or “making googly eyes” with someone all night.

“He can ‘eat it’ when he sees me in my dress,” Booth said.

While these are just a few of ’s prom proposals, Patch wants to know who has the best, most impressive proposal of all.

If you know of anyone with an outstanding way of asking their significant other to prom, comment here or upload a photo of the “proposal.” 

Always Interested May 22, 2012 at 12:26 PM
A neighbor's daughter is a freshman and received a very romantic invitation to her first prom. Her boyfriend spelled out PROM in candles, surrounding each letter with rose petals. He lit the candles, rang the doorbell and was waiting on one knee when he asked the question. It was quite lovely, though I wonder what this young woman will expect when it comes to a marriage proposal!


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