South River Student Photog Hopes to Win Scholarship

South River senior Kristin Stolzenberg hope her photo of the University of Deleware will earn her a $500 college scholarship.

The University of Deleware.|Photo credit: Kristen Stolzenberg
The University of Deleware.|Photo credit: Kristen Stolzenberg
As the first half of the school year ends, local high school seniors are gearing up for college, finalizing applications and anxiously awaiting admission letters. 

It's also time for applying for college scholarships, and one South River High School senior is hoping her talent for photography will earn her $500 towards the tuition at the college of her choice. 

Kristin Stolzenberg has entered the above photo of the University of Delaware in a scholarship competition from University Language Services. To enter, applicants had to submit a photo that they snapped while on a college or university tour, along with a 100- to 200-word description of why the photo represents what college means to them. 

Stolzenberg took the photo after following a tour guide around campus all afternoon, feeling overwhelmed and unsure of herself and her surroundings. After taking the photo, she wrote in her essay: 

I had a revelation that this is what college is for, not only to further your education, but to find yourself. I realized that all of the students in college must have felt lost too at first, yet began to find their way, both to their classes as well as finding themselves as people. College is a journey of self-discovery, and you can’t find yourself if you were never lost.

Stolzenberg is applying to the University of Delaware, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, James Madison University and Salisbury University. She hopes to double major in exercise science–physical therapy and psychology, according to mom Jennifer Stolzenberg.

Scholarship winners will be chosen by internet voting. The photographers of the top three vote getting shots will have a chance at a $500 scholarship. Voting ends at midnight on Dec. 9 and only one vote is allowed per IP address. To support Kristin Stolzenberg, you can vote for her photo, and see the other entrants, online here.


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