Mayo Students Send Principal to Polar Plunge

Students recorded more than 500,000 minutes of after-school reading to send their principal into the Bay's frigid waters.

 principal has a chilly weekend ahead of him thanks to the countless hours his students read to send him to the Polar Bear Plunge.

In October, Greubel challenged his students to cumulatively read more than 500,000 minutes outside of school. As a reward, the principal agreed to take a dip into the . The student body responded immediately and ultimately read more than 5,000 minutes above their goal.

What started as a simple program, has now really affected the entire student body, said the principal.

“We were brainstorming reading incentives for the students and [the plunge] was just one of the ideas,” Greubel said. “It’s really turned into more than just that, though. It’s really motivated our students and the entire school community.”

The school’s PTO President Kim Long said with a student boy of 300, reaching the goal is a huge accomplishment. Each student averaged about 25 minutes of reading every day outside of the classroom, Long said.

Long said she tried to get the whole PTO board to take the plunge but “no one’s really jumping for this thing.”

The parents may not be interested, but many of Mayo Elementary’s children will be jumping into the bay this weekend with several participating in the South River Youth Athletics’ Polar Bear Plunge Team.

“We’re hoping to get video and pictures of the plunge,” Long said.

Greubel said the incentive really got Mayo Elementary parents’s attention and affirmed his pride of the school community and its students.

“I am very excited to do this for our students. They worked so hard for this. They absolutely earned this,” Greubel said.


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