AACPS Reminds Seniors of Behavior Consequences

Students who violate Anne Arundel County Public Schools' illegal substance policy leading up to the week of graduation will face penalties.

High school seniors who participate in celebrations with alcohol or other substances will face serious consequences, according to the school system.

In a release from Anne Aruncel County Public Schools (AACPS), Superintendent Kevin Maxwell reminded high school seniors and their parents that the use or possession of alcohol and other illegal substances can cost students a chance to participate in prom, graduation and other ceremonies that conclude their high school careers. 

“I do not want to see what should be a great time in the life of graduating seniors marred by immature and unwise decisions,” Maxwell wrote in a letter to parents of soon-to-be graduates. “More importantly, I don’t want to see any of our students engage in behavior that could have consequences for themselves and others.”

Last year, . The school has a zero-tolerance policy regarding student drinking.

With prom and graduation coming up for South River and Southern seniors, one mistake could ruin the end of a high school career. 

's prom is May 26, followed by graduation on June 1. Southern High's prom is May 19 followed by graduation on June 8. 

Regulations are clearly spelled out in the AACPS Student Handbook, which is distributed at the beginning of each school year. Parents and students must sign a form indicating they have reviewed the handbook.

For more details, please see the Administrative Regulation JCC-RAC that specifies the following:

Graduating students who violate Board policies on possession,
consumption, or distribution of alcoholic beverages, controlled dangerous substances, counterfeit controlled dangerous substances, noncontrolled substances as defined by Article 27, Section 286B of the Annotated Code of Maryland, or other intoxicant at any time during the last four weeks of school prior to the last scheduled day for graduating students, or during the time between the last scheduled day and the graduation ceremony, whether the activity takes place on school buses, within a school building or upon any school property, or during any school, school related, or Board sponsored activity, whether held on school property or at locations off school property, including private clubs, businesses, or commercial establishments, shall be prohibited from participation in all senior activities, including proms, award ceremonies, and graduation ceremonies.

Jonathan Moynihan April 26, 2012 at 06:35 PM
I had a good friend in high school banned from prom and graduation because police found beer cans in his car. He was apparently a designated driver for friends, but his buddies left the cans in his back seat. Even if their intentions are good, students can still get in big trouble, so be smart out there.


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