5 Questions with Olivia Simmons, Bates Middle School Student

Patch profiles the students who won the spelling bee for their school as they get ready to compete in the county competition on Feb. 23.

Name: Olivia Simmons
Grade: 8
School: Wiley H. Bates Middle School in Annapolis

Anne Arundel Patch: What was the winning word you spelled correctly during your school's spelling bee?
Olivia Simmons: My winning word was "chlorination."

Anne Arundel Patch: What do you like about your school?
Olivia: I love my school because I have great teachers, classes, and friends. Last year when I made it to the National bee everyone was so excited for me so I would like to thank everyone at Bates for that! I couldn't have asked for a better support group! I can't choose my favorite subject at school because it's honestly too hard. I love them all.

Anne Arundel Patch: Do you participate in extracurricular activities or sports?
Olivia: I figure skate, take piano and guitar lessons, and am an active member of SGA. I swam and played soccer and lacrosse in the past, but since I dedicated this year to spelling I didn't play this season.

Anne Arundel Patch: What do you want to do when you grow up?
Olivia: I want to either be an actress on Broadway, a cardiologist, or an epidemiologist.

Anne Arundel Patch: What do you like to do for fun?
Olivia: I love to hang out with my friends, perform in musicals/plays, write plays, figure skate, play piano and guitar, sing, read, surf, and of course, spell!

I am very excited about this year's bee because my sister, is also competing!

Olivia, who won last year's competition, is one of 32 students set to compete in the 25th annual Anne Arundel County Spelling Bee on Feb. 23. Patch congratulates all of the students on making it to the county competition!

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