House Hunt: Edgewater, Davidsonville Homes Less Than $500K

Here's a roundup of homes on the local housing market for under $500,000.

Looking for a home? Here are a few available in Edgewater, Davidsonville and south county for less than $500,000, according to AOL Real Estate. For more information on any home, click on the link.

106 Waterside Ct. in Edgewater

  • Three bedrooms, three bathrooms
  • $435,000

1511 Lee Way in Edgewater

  • Five bedrooms, three bathrooms
  • $459,900

3423 Riva Rd. in Davidsonville

  • Four bedrooms, three bathrooms
  • $479,200

3527 Jamestown Rd. in Davidsonville

  • Three bedrooms, three bathrooms
  • $450,000

1516 Manor View Rd. in Davidsonville

  • Five bedrooms, three bathrooms
  • $439,900


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