Police Arrest 'Wanted' Man Following Traffic Incident Near Safeway

Officers arrested a man wanted by the Annapolis Police Department in Edgewater on Monday morning in connection to car theft charges.

A man wanted by the Annapolis Police Department was arrested Monday after Anne Arundel County officers helped the man get the vehicle he was driving out of a ditch in Edgewater.

The vehicle was stolen, according to Detective Amy Miguez of the Annapolis Police Department. 

On Monday morning, Annapolis police received a report of a stolen car and alerted Anne Arundel County law enforcement. Shortly after, county officers from the Southern District Police Station responded to a report of a vehicle stuck in a ditch near the Safeway in Edgewater—near the intersection of Pike Ridge Road and Central Avenue. 

According to Anne Arundel County Police Department spokesman Justin Mulcahy, officers arrived at the scene and learned that the car was stolen. The driver was then taken into custody and to an area hospital for medical treatment, Mulcahy said. 

The man's name was not released and police are still determining if the driver from the traffic incident matches the description given to police by the car's owner, Miguez said. 


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