New Police Chief Named by County Executive

Anne Arundel County's new Police Chief will be Larry Tolliver, who held the position from 1997 to 1998.

County Executive John R. Leopold announced Thursday that Larry W. Tolliver—the former police chief for Anne Arundel County—is his pick to become the county's new chief.

“Larry Tolliver is a law enforcement veteran with 39 years of experience and, as a former county police chief, has an intimate knowledge of our police department,” Leopold said. “I am confident he can effectively lead the men and women of our police force and build on the impressive record of crime reduction established over the last six years.”

Tolliver served as chief for Anne Arundel County from 1997 to 1998. 

“This is a homecoming for me, and I am honored to have the opportunity to work with County Executive Leopold and to serve the people of Anne Arundel County,” Tolliver said. “This is a department we can be proud of, and I am excited to bring a fresh perspective to making our force even stronger.”

Major Pam Davis was named acting chief after the was announced earlier this month.

Teare announced he was retiring to spend more time with his family. The news came from a release by state prosecutor Emmet C. Davitt, who said the state was dropping an investigation into Teare in connection with the charges facing Leopold. 

Leopold was indicted on five counts by a state grand jury in March, including  and one count of fraudulent misappropriation by a fiduciary. His trial is set to begin . 

Teare's retirement is set to begin Aug. 1, but Tolliver’s appointment is effective July 31—meaning Davis will not serve as Acting Chief.

Davis—who would have been the county's first female chief—said she looks forward to serving with Tolliver.

“The appointment of a permanent chief allows the Department to move forward,” Major Davis said. “Chief Tolliver is an excellent choice. I had the pleasure of working with him at both the Maryland State Police and Anne Arundel County Police Department, and found him to be an exceptional leader.”

Tolliver served as Superintendent of Maryland State Police from 1992 to 1995, and he was the Director of Enforcement for the Comptroller of Maryland. Tolliver was also a state trooper for nearly three decades.

Patricia O'Brien - Boarman July 27, 2012 at 04:23 PM
We have never seem to have had this problem before, to my knowledge whereby a Chief Of Police in this County has been caught up in a situation which has occurred because he was appointed by the County Executive. We have had some excellent appointed Police Chiefs' who came up through the ranks and were more than qualified and performed outstandingly their duties to the Police Department and to the citizens' in which they served. It is important that a Police Chief be selected by the County Executive as it is a morale booster and gives the opportunity to all Police Officers to move up through the ranks and their individual hopes of becoming Chief some day. All appointed Police Chiefs' are aware that they re responsible to the County Executive for their actions and they know that if they rebuke what they are asked to do, they could be out of a job and stand to lose their pension so what has happened lately is more or less an isolated case, not to say that it may or may not happen again. The most important thing out of all of this is to promote or appoint within the Police Department. Ms, Vitale I want to personally thank you for the many Police Graduations you have attended, it shows you care as I attend and I see you, there. Thanks for your support.
Carol B July 27, 2012 at 04:51 PM
Patricia, I take your point about police officers needing to know that they can be promoted; but surely we can come up with a process that would permit that, and still not make them political appointees. The overwhelming majority of officers are decent, ethical people who are ready and willing to risk their lives for the benefit of the communities they serve, but it only takes one corrupt individual in a position of significant power to abuse his or her authority. If the county executive is less than scrupulous, too, the risk to the county doubles--and no matter how rarely it happens, when it does, it's disastrous for the community. Why invite the opportunity? Why not allow a committee made up of police officers and community leaders to recommend two or three candidates for chief, and let the people vote on the most qualified? I'm sure there are other models we could follow. I don't know how the police earn merit promotions (whether they have to amass so many years of service, or so many outstanding reviews, or so much training, or some combination thereof) but there must be two or three people who are at "the top of the class" by whatever standards are used. I think it's time we found another way to recognize their achievements; having the county executive decide is no guarantee of promotion based on merit, either.
Ronald July 27, 2012 at 05:33 PM
A committee that makes recommendations. Sounds kinda like the School Board. I'm for it.
Ronald July 27, 2012 at 05:39 PM
One is one to many. Promoting from within at all costs just allows corruption to continue and favortism to rear it's ugly head. Attending Police Graduations is face-time for politicians. Sometimes a new set of eyes is what is needed. This is just as bad as Ford pardoning Nixon. When do we start demanding accountability and not cover-ups. Do you think the public is just too stupid and ignorant to elect someone and that the County Exec knows what's best for all of us. Sounds like a dictatorship to me. As a member of the highest paid State Legislature in the Nation I want to thank you for attending graduations. Now how about listening to your constitutents and respoinding to our questions?
Patricia O'Brien - Boarman July 28, 2012 at 12:27 PM
Did all who are giving responses here read in the newspaper last night that it is the "unions" who have the loudest voices and one of the strongest reasons "why" Larry Tolliver was appointed permanent Chief of Police because of his past experience in dealing with union leaders? Also stated several well-respected people in law enforcement had an impact on the County Executive's decision. So you see, not going to do much good with citizens serving on a committee, loudest voices/majority rules. Food for thought. Larry Tolliver is an excellent choice, however, Major Davis, also an experienced Police Official was not given an opportunity to show and implement her skills as Acting Chief Of Police, guess the unions thought because she was a female she wouldn't have the expertise to work with them and to raise the morale among Police Officers in the department. Nothing against the unions per say, it is the "power" they have and use through paid ads in the local newspaper advocating their needs and wants and politicians listening to them, so citizens', do you think anyone is listening to us?


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