Top 5 Stories: Boats, Budgets and a Bartender

Take a look back at this week's headlines, ranging from the school system's proposed capital budget to a special bartender named Doyle.

No. 1—Hunters Encouraged to Harvest 'Unlimited' Number of Does

A massive hunting effort is scheduled to take place in Anne Arundel County that will allow hunters to kill an “unlimited” number of antlerless deer in order to address deer overpopulation concerns.

Read more to learn about what the hunt will look like.

No. 2—Man Dies After Being Struck by Boat's Propeller

A Harwood man died in the Patuxent River Sunday morning when he fell overboard and struck a boat’s propeller after getting his leg caught in a trotline, according to the Maryland Naturals Resource Police (NRP).

Read more to learn what witnesses told police after the incident.

No. 3—School by School Breakdown of Superintendent’s Proposed Capital Budget

Of the superintendent’s nearly $240 million proposed capital budget, Maxwell is asking the state to cover almost $48 million worth of upgrades and renovations at Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS). That leaves about $194 million to be funded by the county itself.

Read more to learn specifically how the budget allots for building at local elementary, middle and high schools.

No. 4—Edgewater’s ‘Best Bartender’ Shares Margarita Secret, Not First Name

Known to many as “Bartender Doyle,” Edgewater’s “best bartender” is committed to providing patrons and guests everything their hearts desire—everything, but his first name. However, much like Kramer from the popular TV show Seinfeld—minus the sporadic hysterics—Doyle’s friends and colleagues have come to embrace him, forfeiting any hope of learning his full name.

Read more to learn the ingredients for Doyle’s extremely popular margarita.

No. 5—Proposed Budget Includes Edgewater Elementary Feasibility Study

Anne Arundel County Schools Superintendent Kevin Maxwell’s fiscal year 2014 capital budget proposes that a feasibility study be conducted for Edgewater Elementary School in 2016 to examine the physical state of the school and conceive a plan for future additions or renovations.

Ever since a county Board of Education hearing in January where students said the air quality at Edgewater Elementary was making them physically ill, local parents have been calling for the board to make serious improvements at the school.

Read more to learn why the school’s PTA president is hesitant to get her hopes up.


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