Top 10 Most Read Articles of 2012

It's been a wild ride in 2012.

I brag about Edgewater-Davidsonville Patch readers all the time.

You are one of the most engaged Patch communities in the country and it's been a wild ride this year bringing you the news every day—all local, all the time.

So to cap off what's been a wild year, I wanted to run through the top 10 most read articles of 2012 for Edgewater-Davidsonville Patch. Unfortunately, many that made the list are "negative" news pieces. However, one light-hearted post did sneak its way onto the top 10, and I'm not surprised it did.

Here it is—a collection of the biggest stories from top to bottom and a summary to go along with each. Enjoy!

No. 1—VIDEO: Massive Power Outages Near Annapolis
More than 68,000 homes and businesses throughout Anne Arundel County lost power just a few days before Christmas as strange green and blue lights filled the skyline. Residents tuned in and used social media to track the news—mainly because they all lost electricity.

No. 2—
In August, a woman jumped off the South River Bridge and died, but four days later, he father jumped too. He wasn’t killed, but friends close to the family spoke with Patch about the circumstances surrounding the tragic incident. Patch broke the story, so many readers were eager to learn what had happened.

No. 3—
A pedestrian died in August after he was struck and killed by a driver while he walked down the middle of Solomons Island Road. The driver left the scene thinking he had struck a deer, but later turned himself in after learning it was a person, not an animal. The State’s Attorney’s Office has not pressed charges against the driver.

No. 4—Fatal Accident Occurs on Route 50
Four people were killed in violent car crash on Route 50 in January, after a teen was reportedly driving on the wrong side of the major highway. Later investigations revealed that the teens had been drinking, and were given alcohol by adults at a party earlier in the evening.

No. 5—Firefighters Extinguish Flames at Holiday Point Marina
Approximately 94 firefighters fought a four-alarm fire at the Holiday Point Marina back in April. Residents shared and posted dozens of pictures from the incident while Patch offered breaking news updates while the incident unfolded. Ultimately, several boats were destroyed due to the flames.

No. 6—Man Critically Injured at Car Wash
A 45-year-old man suffered life-threatening injuries in August when a black SUV crashed through the car wash’s front window and pinned him against a structure. More than a month later, the victim was still recovering from his injuries, but his family shared a message to Patch thanking the community for its support.

No. 7—Edgewater Man Killed by Falling Tree During Storm
Kevin O’Brien, a 25-year-old man from Edgewater, died while driving during June’s “derecho” storm when a tree branch fell on his car. In the days that followed, the community rallied to show their support of the O’Brien family and remembered the young man’s life.

No. 8—In one of the most heated and controversial stories of the year, Repeats Quality Consignments was evicted from its location back in May. More than 700 consignors were shocked to hear the news, including many who didn’t know until they read Patch’s article. The owners claimed it was a surprise to them too, but many in the community don’t believe their claims. The owners currently face several lawsuits.

No. 9—U.S. Marshals Spotted Making Arrests Near Post Office
U.S. Marshals arrested a “hate crime fugitive” convicted of weapon and drug possession charges back in October just outside the Mayo Post Office. Residents spotted the heavy-duty law enforcement and immediately began asking questions—ultimately tipping off Patch to the incident.

No. 10—This list’s singular “happy” story wasn’t so happy at first, as residents throughout the area heard a rumor that a wild tiger was loose inside South River High. As it turned out, it was nothing more than a prank executed by a few clever students who created a fake news release about the falsified incident. Their report was so convincing, a national website ran the story as fact.

Just outside the Top 10:

  • Funeral Home Finalizes Details for Feeks’ Memorial Tribute


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