'Living Proof' on Lifetime Tell the True Story of Breast Cancer Drug Herceptin

Local breast cancer survivor tells the story of how the movie impacted her view on drug science, doctors and trials.

As part of breast cancer awareness month, the movie “Living Proof," starring Harry Connick Jr., will air on the Lifetime channel at 6 p.m. on Monday (Oct 10).  “Living Proof” is the true story of Dr. Dennis Slamon and the women who participated in drug trials for the breast cancer drug Herceptin. Herceptin has been called a "magic bullet" for a particular type of breast cancer called “Her 2 Positive” which tends to be very aggressive type of cancer. 

The viewer's guide to Living Proof is included as a pdf to this story.

The movie is a drama that portrays the personal and professional struggle of Slamon as he fights to bring the drug into clinical use.  It portrays his struggle to find funding, balance his personal life with his research goals and make believers out of those who control access to the drug. The film shows Slamon's dedication to the women who have breast cancer. 

The movie also portrays the lives of several women who participated in his research.  It portrays their courage and dedication to their families and their determination to live. 

It is truly inspiring. 

The movie takes an honest approach—showing the success stories and not-so-successful stories.

As a woman who has survived “Her 2 Positive” breast cancer, I watched this movie with a different perspective. The movie gave me a real appreciation for the brave women willing to participate in the drug trials. 

I now realize what personal sacrifices researchers make to bring a drug into clinical use.

I would highly recommend this movie not only for its entertainment value, but for its perspective on what it really takes to bring a drug from an idea to the point of saving lives. 

In 1998, because of the dedication of Slamon, the drug was approved for Stage IV breast cancer, giving hope to 15,000 women each year.

In 2006, the drug was approved for early stage Her 2 Positive breast cancer which affects 40,000 women each year. 

Watch Living Proof and be inspired.


Paula Taylor lives in Davidsonville with her husband and two children. Taylor recently fought her own battle with breast cancer and made it to the other side.


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