Get a Smartphone for Christmas? Add the Patch App—for Free!

The Patch app keeps you plugged in to Edgewater-Davidsonville for top news, local businesses and more.


Congrats! Santa got you the top thing on your list. Was it an iPod, iPhone, iPad, Motorola Droid, Blackberry or Samsung Galaxy? Whatever it was, we've got you covered with the Patch app.

It gives you instant access to the top five stories, weather, news, events and my personal favorite, the directory.

I use the Patch app directory each day. Are you looking for the number for the hardware store? Squisitos to order a pizza on your way home from the mall?

Just hit the directory button, swipe over to the letter of the alphabet the store name starts with, then click on the phone number and it dials for you. 

Easy breezy.

Plus its way faster than Googling the yellow pages on your phone (and getting a bunch of great pizza parlor listings in Edgewater—Edgewater, New Jersey), or dialing 411, which is not as easy and efficient as it used to be with their voice recognition software. 


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