Bill Bateman's Bistro Opens in Edgewater

Main Street shopping center at South River Colony offers another option for dining out.

with the addition of Bill Bateman's Bistro. The family-friendly restaurant and sports bar in Edgewater opened its doors to the public on Monday morning.

Replacing an Italian restaurant at 121 Mitchells Chance Rd., . In addition to wings and other starters, the menu features burgers, steaks, ribs, sandwiches, wraps, soups and salads.

On Facebook, Edgewater Patch readers recommended the crab pretzel, which is a soft pretzel covered with crab dip topped with cheddar and jack cheeses sprinkled with Old Bay and baked.

Heather Saffield, general manager of Bill Bateman's Bistro, told Patch that the bistro offers an "awesome" variety of specials that started on the first day including all-you-can-eat wings for $8.99 on Mondays. Enjoy a half-pound jumbo lump crab cake for $10 on Wednesdays and half-price burgers from 7 to 11 p.m. on Sundays.

Saffield also noted that coming in September, they will offer a complimentary Tex Mex happy hour buffet on Fridays from 5 to 7 p.m. in the bar. Happy hour is daily from 4 to 7 p.m. (in the bar) with discounts on house wines and domestic beers, and fresh-squeezed "Orange Crush" drinks are always just $5.

Several at South River Colony, including a few months ago. The shopping center also hosts that will run through October with free concerts (bring your own chairs) and "parents night out" kids activities available at . 

Matt August 18, 2011 at 04:57 AM
As someone who has eaten 95% of their meals out for the past 40 years, I feel qualified to comment on the new Bateman's in Edgewater. I found the $10.00 Wednesday crab cake special very appealing with the following exceptions; the coleslaw was very unimpressive, bland and warm, I would not order it again. With few exceptions, I have never been charged for flavoring (raspberry) added to the iced tea, $2.75 for this drink seemed to be a little excessive, particularly since no notice of extra charges was posted. This also added an extra alcohol tax added to the bill, the explanation was this was done at the bar, hence the tax even though no alcohol was involved. The music was not geared to the average age of the patrons, minor point, but subliminal influences can be a downer. Overall, a good dining experience.
Heather August 18, 2011 at 04:52 PM
Had their curbside take out last night...The staff was friendly and the food was good. The cream of crab soup was good but not great...very thick and needed a bit more old bay seasoning, however, they added a lot of fresh crabmeat on top. Overall, good experience and we would order curbside again. We didn't have to go in so I can't comment on the inside, however, it did seem very nice from the outside.
john S August 18, 2011 at 11:51 PM
Nice remodeling job to make it a friendly inviting neighborhood restaurant. I had the $10 Crab Cake special which was very good tasting an definitely an excellent value. The staff was very friendly and efficient. I plan to go back to try the burgers which sound delicious. Good luck Bill!
Lisa August 22, 2011 at 05:26 PM
Our group of 5 dined in on Saturday. The waiter was wonderful, the food--not so much. The steak was unevenly cook and the side salad was a no show until asked for after the main entree was brought, the FULL rack of ribs was most definitely not the size and quantity as pictured in the online ads and when the server (not the waiter) was asked, he insisted the portion was correct. (I'd hate to see what the HALF rack looked like). The cheese quesadilla was flavorless and the chicken in the Caesar wrap was so dry, it was chokeworthy. If there was Caesar dressing in it, it was negligible. The Buffalo Wings and nachos, however, were a hit. Maybe after a few months more experience, we might try again, but for now, I don't think The Steakhouse has much to worry about.
Kellie Gough August 22, 2011 at 11:51 PM
We were trying to find the edgewater phone number, for Bill Bateman's, and after calling 411 and many other places, we found out the number is: 410-956-7400 For your convenience :)
Steve Szanyi August 23, 2011 at 12:35 AM
I ate here yesterday afternoon. I sat at the bar and ordered the original wings, cream of crab soup and iced tea. After a reasonable amount of time I was served my wings and soup. Both were very good,although as a previous poster said, the soup could be just a little more flavorful. The wings were just right...crispy without batter and the sauce was spicy without being too hot. The service was friendly and attentive. I'll be back.
Shari Thompson Cornell November 14, 2011 at 04:41 AM
Food was terrible... Wont be going back there again. There wasnt even one piece of crab meat in my cream of crab soup! Service was terrible too. :(
Matt November 14, 2011 at 06:14 AM
Sad to say, my first visit was the best, not great, but the better of the two that followed. Things went from good to bad to worse. The place has a long way to go to be a repeat destination for me.
Jennifer S. November 14, 2011 at 12:50 PM
We went into BB's shortly after they opened to take part in the Happy Hour deal on a Friday night. The part of the article that says (in the bar) is pretty key. The bar area only has a few tables and all seats were occupied so the hostess sat us on the other side of the short wall in the "dining" area. When the server handed us a formal "dinner menu" we told him we were there for the happy hour deal and were just going to have some of the appetizers. He informed us they do not honor happy hour in the dining area, only the bar. We kind of chuckled, thinking he was joking. We told him we had come to sit in the bar area but clearly it was full and that's why we were sitting in the "dining" area. We asked to see a manager and our server said he would go talk to the manager for us. Server came back out and reiterated that Happy Hour prices would not be honored in the dining area "per his Manager". So, we left and went to the Turtle. I'll never step foot in there again. They aren't doing a very good job playing nicely in their new neighborhood if you ask me. I haven't talked to anyone who's had a "good" experience and meal here yet.
Harry Balzonia November 14, 2011 at 09:38 PM
Tried this place out twice. Not really impressed. The crab pretzel was pretty good, but otherwise not worth the trip.


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