Best Places to Sled in Edgewater, Davidsonville?

Are there any hills around town that I can hit up when snow comes our way?

Recently we've got a good amount of winter weather. The only problem? I have no idea where to enjoy it! 

As a wintery mix of snow and rain filled the skies last weekend, I was left pondering where I should take my sled and snow boots. 

This question alone proves I'm still relatively "new" to the area despite covering it for one year. But I want to know...

Where are the best places to sled in Edgewater, Davidsonville and/or south county? 

Rob P January 02, 2013 at 12:32 PM
What part of AA county do you live in, "Recently we've got a good amount of winter weather". A good amount is 6-10" thats lasts for days , not a dusting on the grass, thats gone in 4 hours or the rain washed it away. regardless of that you do ask a good question. The one place I know of is off of Central Ave in Mayo,off of Cape Loch Haven Rd in Coxby Estates. That used to be the place to go. Dont know who lives there now, but back in the day thats where we all would go (late 80's).
Robin Anderson January 02, 2013 at 10:04 PM
As kids we would all gather at a neighborhood farm. It was a standing invitation to go sledding there, but our parents always had us ask permission every year. Later with my own kids in Calvert county we would go sledding behind the salt done by Mt. Hope Community Center on a man made hill.


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