Relocation Won't Keep Slater from Dancing with Students

Slater's Dance Studio, a Mayo Road fixture for 22 years, will fete its relocation with a celebration on Jan. 18.

Slater's Dance is relocating at the end of January after 22 years at Mayo Road.|Photo credit: Patch file
Slater's Dance is relocating at the end of January after 22 years at Mayo Road.|Photo credit: Patch file
It's not easy for Mary Slater to say goodbye to the dance studio that has been like a home to her for the past 22 years, but she plans to leave the studio the way she's lived in it: dancing. 

Slater's Dance Studio has been a fixture on Mayo Road in Edgewater for two decades, and the ideal place for the local resident to run the business.

Slater and her students will celebrate the studio from noon to 3 p.m. on Saturday. A new class will dance every 15 minutes, either doing a prepared routine or exercises. 

"It's a way of celebrating for the children, being able to have our dance space and also a way to say goodbye," Slater said.

In late December, Slater said she was shocked when she received a notice from her new landlord, giving her 30 days vacate the studio that had become home to her and many local children over the past 22 years. 

"A new landlord bought the space and did not want tenants," Slater said. 

Slater received the notice around the holidays, making it more challenging to relocate the studio in such a short time, but that did not discourage her. She initially hoped she would be able to stay in the space until the current session of classes ended, but when that did not work out, she continued searching for a new home for the dance studio. 

Closing the studio was not an option.

"We’ll keep going, because I know how much the children do love it and how the parents appreciate that we have such a well rounded program," Slater said. "I've seen the results over the years and that’s why I’ve enjoyed it so much."

As of now, she is in negotiations to sign a lease on a new space in the Deale/Churchton area. She hopes to have the new studio open and holding classes by Feb. 1. More details will follow as the lease is finalized.

Slater's Dance Studio will still hold classes at the Mayo Road location as usual for the next two weeks. Slater said if she is unable to get the new studio open by Feb. 1, she has already made arrangements with some area organizations to host classes temporarily if necessary. 

Anyone with questions about classes going forward should call the studio at 410-956-6277.


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