Repeats Owner Ordered to Pay Back Consignors

'The Capital Gazette' reported the store owes more than $5,500 to former customers.

An Anne Arundel County District Court judge ordered the owner of Repeats Quality Consignments in Edgewater to pay back customers who never had their merchandise returned after the store was evicted in 2012.

According to The Capital Gazette, on Tuesday, store owner Patricia Lawler was ordered to pay more than $5,500 to five former customers who never got their belongings back after the store was evicted on April 27, 2012.

Owned by James and Patricia Lawler, Repeats Quality Consignments sold consigned items, such as clothes, furniture and other goods furnished by local residents. The shop and consignors split the proceeds when an item was sold.

After the store was evicted in 2012, piles of clothes and personal items that belonged to consignors filled the parking lot behind Repeats, which angered many people who had trusted the store with their items.

At the time of eviction, James Lawler told Patch that he had moved the shop’s merchandise to five storage units, and most of the items dumped in the parking lot were clothes. Lawler also blamed the management company for dumping the clothes outside.

“The only thing that was lost in all this was whatever the management company put out back. Everything else is safe and sound. Everyone will be compensated,” Lower told Patch in 2012. “I know this is messed up. Trust me, it’s not good, but we’ve lost everything. I’m not out to hurt anybody.”

Repeats opened in May 2011, and according to The Capital Gazette did business with more than 800 people.

For more on the judge’s ruling Tuesday, see the article on The Capital Gazette.

tom April 19, 2013 at 02:46 PM
It sounds like Lawler is great at blaming others for his failures--this time, the management company. Since he obviously had enough notice of the impending eviction to acquire storage units, he should have been able to notify patrons or store all their property safely. The arrogance of this family, especially recalling the nasty posts by their daughter, is appalling.


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