Peninsula Farms is Open, Ready for Business

The local farmers market and garden supply shop opened less than a week ago.

on Maryland Route 214 is open and ready for business, freshly stocked with ripe tomatoes and a whole lot more. 

After closing during the early winter months, the local farmers market and garden supply shop opened its doors less than a week ago. People are already filing in to get fresh produce and gardening supplies.

“We have mulch, leaf grow—we just treat people the way we want to be treated,” said Peninsula Farms owner Carol, who preferred to not give her last name.

The locally-owned business is open seven days a week from approximately 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Carol said. The only time the market may close is due to rainy days or thunderstorms, she said.

For Mayo and Selby-On-The-Bay residents, it’s a quick and local way to stock up on homegrown fruits and vegetables.

So far, Peninsula Farms has received .

Are you a fan of the local farmers market and garden supply shop?


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