Edgewater Neighbors Turn Home Experiments Into Beauty Business

Terri Hirschmann, 47, and Kim Loprete, 43, couldn't find beauty products they liked, so they made their own.

About two years ago, Edgewater residents Terri Hirschmann and Kim Loprete started conducting “self experiments” with natural body oils and salts, searching for ways to improve the health of their skin.

Through months of tests and a little help from Hirschmann’s brother, an organic chemist, the local women officially started creating products for their business: MakeMine Body Care.

Now, the two South River Colony neighbors are branching out even more. And after officially launching their website, the two friends are eager to help women of all ages enjoy their oils. 

Patch got to hear first hand from Hirschmann on how their new business got started, why they chose to specialize in body oils and what it is like finding a “dream job.”

Edgewater-Davidsonville Patch: How did you and Loprete get this thing going?
Terri Hirschmann: With a lot of self-experimentation. We were both interested finding natural body care products in an effort to stay more healthy. We weren’t really finding things that we were satisfied with. I started studying aroma therapy—I have a brother who was an organic chemist—and we did a lot of experimentation. We wanted to create products that didn’t have any chemicals, artificial preservatives. We wanted something that was completely natural yet effective and luxurious.

Patch: When did you decide this could actually be a business?
Hirschmann: I would be using the products and I would have friends say to me, “What are you using on your skin?” The more we made these products, we found things that were really good. We would give the samples out to friends and family and we honestly were very surprised at how often everyone loved them and wanted more.

Patch: What’s the main purpose of body oils and salts?
Hirschmann: These products naturally nourish your skin. You use nature’s best ingredients in their purest form, and they all have nourishing, natural benefits. They’re not watered down. It will moisturize and it gives a woman’s skin a nice soft, natural glow, and it also has some nice anti-inflammatory properties. Basically, it cleanses your skin while giving nourishment to the skin as well.

Patch: What makes MakeMine different and unique from other beauty product businesses?
Hirschmann: I think the products are ones that once women try them, they see these really wonderful and effective essential oils that smell amazing. They look, smell and feel amazing on your skin. People say to me, “You smell like a spa.” So it’s kind of a treat for women, but it works every day.

Patch: What was the transition like, going from home self-experimentation to a real business, with a website and all?
Hirschmann: There’s definitely a big learning curve and we’re still learning. Things constantly evolve but that’s good. That is the ideal situation. Honestly, it never ever feels like work, but that’s what this is for us. We enjoy it so much, we enjoy sharing what makes us happy, but it’s really amazing. After trying many other things, to do this together, it’s been great for us.

Beth November 28, 2012 at 11:45 AM
Good luck ladies! Did I miss where we can buy these products?
Michael November 28, 2012 at 03:46 PM
Awesome, don't forget about the guys who like healthy looking skin. Looking forward to hearing more!
Dana Delikat November 28, 2012 at 06:09 PM
Awwesome...I ave been experimenting for myself too! I would like to try yours! I am a makeup artist who is very sensitive! Would love to learn more!
Terri Hirschmann November 28, 2012 at 11:59 PM
You can find makemine products at Diva Annapolis or Restoration Foods in Edgewater. Or, you can order from our website at makeminebodycare.com. Thank you for your interest!


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