Edgewater's Bill Bateman's Bistro Goes Under

An on-duty manager told one resident the restaurant closed due to a "lack of business."

The Bill Bateman’s Bistro in Edgewater closed its doors for good Tuesday, bringing an end to its 1.5-year run on Mitchells Chance Road.

After confirming that the location closed with a Bill Bateman’s Bistro manager in Pikesville, Patch learned through a local resident that New Year’s Eve was the last night the restaurant was open before going out of business on Tuesday.

“We went there, walked in the door and you got the sense that something was going on,” said local resident Adam Machado. “They were peeling stickers off the door and half the bar was missing—they only had beer there.”

Machado said the manager on duty told him the restaurant was shutting down due to a lack of business and that all employees were being moved to other locations.

Several local establishments have opened in and around the South River Colony Main Street area during the last two years. But several have moved or gone out of business, including Repeats Quality Consignments, Bill Bateman's Bistro and Coldstone. 

The Edgewater Bill Bateman’s Bistro originally opened in August 2011. Since then, the place didn’t exactly blow people away, according to local Yelp reviews.

Reviews on Yelp—a popular restaurant reviewing website—gave the local restaurant a 2.5 out of 5 stars and included sub-par comments about food, service and atmosphere.

“I really wish I liked it more but I just don’t … The place is…boring,” wrote one commenter from Edgewater.

Another reviewer said on more than one occasion, he and his girlfriend went to Bill Bateman’s Bistro but then left since it took so long to get served.

Since a lack of business was a primary reason for the closing, do you think the restaurant’s location played any part in its demise, or was it all about the food and the service?

What was your experience at Bill Bateman’s Bistro like? What would you like to see there instead?

Tell me in the comments.

Gisela Barry January 06, 2013 at 02:06 AM
My friend and I went there regularly but just for the crab pretzel and a salad. That was always good but the coffee was the most awful coffee ever. Stuff that they used to sell to you in the sixties and it was just hot colored water. I did notice that the place was getting more and more empty and when the lobster tank disappeared I knew they were pulling out.
Riva T January 06, 2013 at 02:48 PM
To anybody that is looking at this space, and believes they could make a restaurant work here, let me offer a few ideas: 1. Don't give us stuff that we already have in the area. If your sports bar/pub/steak house Applebees-type place is going to succeed, you are going have to be head-and-shoulders above anything else in area. That is way too difficult! How about a place that's a bit Caribbean and a bit Key West? How about a chili parlor? How about Israeli or Middle Eastern? South African? You know, you have to drive all the way to Charlottesville to experience that great South African cuisine. Make us want to seek this place out. 2. Demand that your servers know the menu backwards and forwards, and demand that they are courteous to customers. Courtesy improves repeat business, thereby improving tips for everybody. 3. Put a little thought into the interior. It's boring, and it doesn't feel right. Maybe a couple of dividers near the bar would help. 4. The location is NOT a hinderance. But when you are off the main roadway, you need to offer (a) be consistent and courteous to keep people in the area coming back and (b) offer something distinctive to make people from Severna Park, Bowie, etc. seek the place out.
Ceal Curran January 07, 2013 at 03:44 PM
I guess I am I am in the minority..my friends and family ate there several times and really liked the food, pleasant waitstaff, and friendliness. Only once was service slow and that was 6 of us at lunch time. Manager was very nice also. I would have recommended it to anyone based on our experience..and cost?? I didn't t think they were any higher than others!
Ed Woods January 08, 2013 at 03:48 PM
Well, I guess i'm going to upset a few folks but so be it. I never went there, simply because I saw nothing about the place that I thought I might Like... Folks commenting on here are having a ball dropping names, but Please, face reality, this isn't Annapolis. Someone, years ago, had a "Vision" that became South River Colony. So far, It has been a waste of time and money. Edgewater, Mayo, Woodland Beach, Davidsonville, et al, are below the South River where we never had places like the "Turtle", and all. Folks that want the "Annapolis Yuppie atmosphere" need to go back to Annapolis. If I had the Money to do so, I'd buy that place in a heartbeat, and put an establishment in there would be a hit. It would be called "Ed's Redneck Beer Joint".... It's time to return "The Beach" to it's proper condition...........
Local January 10, 2013 at 02:36 PM
To completely blame one thing is unfair. The place never took off. There were two other restaurants and one was a high end Italian restaurant run by the Steakhouse. Bill batemans had great weekly specials. They also supported some charities and football teams. The food and brand were definitely too similar to other establishments in the area. Managers went above and beyond on occasions that we were there, waiting on us and the long time staff knew our preferences. Most restaurants in the area have the same kind of staff- either great or horrible. But I will say if you ride by, there is no way to tell what it is until you are past it. There seems to be a lot of closing on that strip.


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