Adventures in South County: Driftwood Diner

My latest exploration of local restaurants took me to Shady Side's hometown diner.

When I first walked into the Driftwood Diner in Shady Side, I immediately thought of one thing.


It may not make sense, but as soon as I walked in and saw the retro-styled counter, old school stools and its hometown feel, it felt so much like the famous restaurant in Seinfeld where Jerry and his friends always got coffee.

Naturally, I too ordered a cup of coffee.

Once you're seated, the Driftwood Diner can entertain you without much effort. Its side wall is covered with lovely pieces of art created locally as part of the Muddy Creek Artists Guild. And if art isn’t your thing, the diner usually has local news, soap operas or even Family Guy flashing on the television at the coffee bar.

During my visit, the people I was with enjoyed a wide variety of dishes. Whether a giant plate of nachos, a Reuben or fish and chips, the menu at Driftwood Diner surely won’t disappoint if you’re a fan of quantity.

The plates were huge, but the food was good too and the coffee was stellar.

Despite the fact that Driftwood’s food was high in both quality and portion, its best feature has got to be the inescapable hometown vibe patrons get immediately upon entering the diner. Regardless of whether the servers have ever met you, there’s a warmth and small town-feel that automatically makes you feel home.

Tucked off the beaten path in Shady Side, Driftwood Diner is a great place to check out when you’re looking for healthy portions of feel-good food and hometown flavor. 

M Fultz April 07, 2012 at 01:39 PM
Jonathan Moynihan April 07, 2012 at 07:10 PM
1468 Snug Harbor Road, Shady Side, MD 20764
Barb Cantor April 08, 2012 at 12:25 PM
I am happy you are exploring off the beaten path places but it would be helpful if you listed an address/phone number for any and all so we could check them out too. Or does that constitute advertising?
Jonathan Moynihan April 08, 2012 at 03:15 PM
I'll be sure to include that info in my next "adventure" Barb. I put the address in the comments prior to your post, but here is the phone number too - (410) 867-4411
Paula Moree April 11, 2012 at 12:34 PM
I have ate there as well and you are exactly right. The staff there made me feel like a family member coming home for a holiday dinner.


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