Breast Cancer Survivor: 'Donate to Oncology Centers'

A Crofton breast cancer survivor is asking residents to do more than just wear pink during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

As people and organizations throughout the country celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month by wearing pink, a local survivor is challenging residents to do more than just put on a colorful shirt.

Beth Kaufman, , has survived numerous bouts with cancer, and put it bluntly when she talked about her feelings on Awareness Month.

“Wearing pink and dressing up, that’s all cute. It’s cute to you because you haven’t been through what I have,” said Kaufman.

Kaufman said she appreciates and supports people who want to raise awareness about breast cancer, but added that there are several immediate needs throughout the region—specifically for those in oncology centers. 

"I can’t tell you how much people eat during chemotherapy," Kaufman said. "I couldn’t eat if my life depended on it, but people eat all day so the oncologists are constantly looking for snacks."

Renate Little works at Chesapeake Oncology in Annapolis, and she strongly echoed Kaufman’s comments.

Little said local centers constantly need snacks, coffee cups for Keurig machines, water bottles, magazines and other donations.

“Sometimes you’re nauseated [when at the center],” Little said, stressing the importance of providing snacks for local cancer patients.

Kaufman said she’d be willing to personally deliver donations to various oncology centers in the area if people had the goods, but not the time to drop them off. She asked those interested in helping to email her at bkdp01@comcast.net.

“[Snacks and books] are what people need, this is the stuff they look for,” Kaufman said.

Wearing pink to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month isn’t a bad thing, but there’s a lot more people can do to directly help those in the community, Kaufman said.


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