What Are My Charges? (part 2)

College shopping, teens and moms Gatorade

We finally arrived at our hotel. I truly believe that this is where the saying " looks are deceiving" came from. While perfectly nice on the outside, the inside was disgusting!  It literally smelled like stink bombs were let off throughout the hotel! I had requested a non smoking room, and was given a smoking room. Let's go eat dinner I said to my daughter and come back and get a good nights sleep.When we got back to the room, I pulled the sheets down and guess what was in my bed (hint, it was NOT a mint!). There were 2 bottles of Gatorade and black "stuff", our room had clearly NOT been cleaned! At this point I am not a happy camper! At least if we were camping, I would have known ahead of time that I would be sleeping in dirt! Ninja mom made her way down to the front desk and was told 2 people check the rooms after they are cleaned, and no manager is on duty. I was given an 800 number to a welding company!, and a new set of sheets. The newly hired help (me) went upstairs (all the while gagging in the halls) and put the sheets over the chair and cat napped all night. The hotel was sold out in case you're wondering why I didn't change rooms.
The following morning we arrived at our appointment with the admissions counselor. Hi, please don't let our recent scare scare you away from applying. Recent scare? Yes, someone tweeted to our president that they were going to kill him. Oh! Well, I suppose this could happen anywhere....right? I'm a little tired, my boyfriend and I are having some problems she told us, so I didn't sleep well. Well guess what honey, neither did I, I had 2 Gatorade bottles occupying my bed, hardly a warm and fuzzy teddy bear! Along with some really great things about the school, we learned that in one of the dining halls, if you give the cook your favorite recipe from your mom, she will make it for you. At this point, actually laughing out loud, together, my daughter and I said "does she make reservations"? Tuition I asked, 26,000.00, I was told. Siri! I'm calling on you once again, does the state of Ohio have a Calgon massage place? Better yet, tell your daddy, to send us some much needed tuition money! 

Now 6 hours back home with the beeping and buzzing buzzing, MY ipod though!


Hopefully we will be celebrating a graduation from a great school in Ohio in 2017!

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Beth August 13, 2012 at 10:21 PM
Robin, even if they gave me a month free, I will never go back there! haha I'm home for a while! Next college visit is on my husband!
Jeanie Purvis August 14, 2012 at 12:57 AM
LOL Beth, not funny...but funny!
Beth August 14, 2012 at 01:21 AM
10 days later it's funny, that night I did not see the humor in not having a mint left on my pillow! Thank you for reading!
Lori Clewis Eaton August 17, 2012 at 05:06 PM
Oh my goodness, Beth! Parents of college students deserve a degree too with all that we go through. Al & I had 12 straight years of being college parents (1999-2011) with our 3 daughters.
Beth August 17, 2012 at 06:27 PM
Lori, this college shopping is NOT like going to the mall! It's mind boggling to say the least, plus, she was just in 1st grade, haha. The truth is I will miss her terribly, the degree I deserve is the travel award! Thank you for reading and your comment! I'm happy that you take the time to read my blogs! I love blogging for the Edgewater-Davidsonville Patch!


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