What Are My Charges?

College visits, road trips, Apple, Garmin, Katy Perry, Gotye

This past week I drove with my daughter to Ohio for a college visit. I told her to put our things in the car and I'd be out in a minute. 

When I got out to the car, there were literally 8 things plugged in, wires here, there, everywhere! Lights were blinking, bars were moving back and forth, voices were talking!

Are we driving or flying I asked. What do you mean she replied. I feel like I am in a cockpit I told her.

Well, we need the GPS, No we don't, I used Mapquest. Mom! It's 2012! And to think I used to go to AAA before I went on a road trip!

I need my phone she tells me, what is this yellow cord for? That's to charge my IPOD. And the orange one? That's to play the IPOD, as she turns it on to "her" music. Reminder to self, when you were pregnant, you swore you would never say to your kids, "You call that music"? So, for the next 6 hours, I sit back and sing along to Lady GaGa and the like.

Honey, do you think we could play my IPOD for a while? This was akin to my dad listening to WTOP when I was her age. BTW, I love that station today, I live for traffic and weather on the 8's!

The GPS now took on a British accent! Drive on US 76 for 163 miles. Okay mate! Can you tell me where a loo is? Mom you ask Siri that. Why would I ask Tom Cruise's daughter where a loo is? Mom, take a nap! No, I'm (Wide)awake! (Katy Perry), but really thinking You're just somebody that I used to know! (Gotye) See what happens when you travel with a 17 y/o, you become cool once again.

Me, Can I use your lap top? Daughter, do you see Wifi here in the middle of the mountains? Me, you can actually see Wifi? This received an eye roll.

At this time, the dashboard is lighting up, blinking, and talking, I ask my daughter if she has a quarter as I feel like I'm in an arcade, she tells me, most games are now 50 cents. Go figure....

Honey, do any of these lighty, blinky things make coffee? Mom!

Okay, this mom has had enough of One Direction, Jay Z, etc., can we turn it off for a few, ( notice I still didn't say, you call this music?) and sing 100 bottles of beer needed on this road trip?

(stay tuned for part 2) trust me, Ohio will never be the same!

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Beth August 07, 2012 at 01:28 AM
Part 2 coming soon, I'll match you in the big toe because I just had a pedicure! :) Thank you for reading and your nice comment!
David Park August 07, 2012 at 03:14 AM
Funny stuff Beth, I can relate.
Beth August 07, 2012 at 10:36 AM
Thank you for reading and commenting Mr. Park, there is nothing like being around a teen to make you feel completely out of it! Right? Notice, I did not say old! haha
hollow tree ventures August 13, 2012 at 03:38 PM
Oh, I can so relate - the older they get, the less hip I feel. ;)
Beth August 13, 2012 at 05:12 PM
Thank you for your comment The older they get, the more hippier I feel! I'm sure you are a great mom!


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