Riva Man Continues to Impress on X Factor

David Correy, 26, of Riva, had Simon Cowell bopping his head and tapping his pen in his second appearance on the national singing contest.

A 26-year-old charismatic singer from Riva is capturing the hearts of X Factor USA fans—including hard-to-please judge Simon Cowell.

In his second performance on the show Wednesday night, local musician David Correy wowed judges again with his rendition of Duffy’s Mercy. His voice filled the audition auditorium and some competitors were visibly uncomfortable with how good he sounded.

Singing contest legend and public enemy No. 1, Cowell, enjoyed the performance and even bopped his head along while tapping his pen. At the end of Correy’s performance, Cowell said, “He’s got a really good voice.”

On Thursday morning following the show’s airing, Correy expressed his elation on Twitter.

“My life couldn't be anymore surreal. I have worked my whole life to sing & be heard & also find my birth mother, I just pray it all works out,” he said in the Tweet.

Last week, Correy appeared on X Factor USA and explained that he wants to win the competition in hopes of being reunited with his Brazilian birth mother.

“Every time I’m on stage I go on there with that thought of knowing that I have the opportunity to reconnect with her through what God gave me,” Correy said while speaking to the judges during his first appearance.

Correy Tweeted that a Brazilian news source is reporting that a woman claims to be Correy’s birth mother, but that information is unconfirmed, he said in the Tweet.

The 26-year-old musician’s performance begins at 1:04 in this YouTube video


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