Muddy Creek Artist: Q & A with Karl Graham

Deale artist Karl Graham's work can't be nailed down to one style or look. He dabbles in still life, portraiture, abstracts, pastels, pencil, oils and more.

As part of a monthly series on local artists, Edgewater-Davidsonville Patch has teamed up with the Muddy Creek Artists Guild to focus on the arts scene in the area. The guild currently consists of about 100 local artists in mediums including photography, painting, textiles, jewelry, woodwork, metalwork and more. For information on upcoming shows, visit the Muddy Creek Artists Guild website. The guild has two"musts" for their artists: they must live south of the South River, and their art must be original.

This month we interviewed Deale artist Karl Graham, who works in mixed media, or what he calls "a little bit of everything." His pieces include everything from acrylic portraits to pastel abstracts to charcoal still lifes.

How long have you been an artist working in the medium? Four years.

What was your earliest recognition of your talent/skill?  Still trying to accept that there may be some talent there!  I have been drawing things since childhood but never took it too seriously.

How did you get started? I took classes at Anne Arundel Community College to see if I really had any talent. 

Who inspires you?  All my friends who are artist.

How do you approach a new piece? I look at works done by other artists, known and unknown, for inspiration.  

What is the range in price for your work?  $140 on up.

Why do you do what you do?  It makes me happy and I love art.

Is there anything about this area that you regularly incorporate into your work?  No... not really!

If you could be another artist for a day, who would it be and why?  Gustav Klimt. His talent in his portraits, use of color and details in designs. When you see them in person they take your breath away—they are that good!

What is most rewarding about being an artist?  When someone really likes and/or admires what I have created.

What is most frustrating about being an artist?  I am not satisfied with my artwork. I am my worst critic. 


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