Young Davidsonville Athletes Help 'Spat' Get Home

Several boys from the Davidsonville Athletic Association aided in the South River Federation's spat project at Harness Creek.

The South River Federation (SRF) announced it was looking for volunteers to help place spat, or baby oysters, into the local waterway and boys from the Davidsonville Athletic Association answered that call.

As part of the association’s 12 Pillars of Leadership exercise, local 7- and 8-year-old boys helped the SRF on Sunday and weren’t afraid to get muddy and a little slimy in the process. The year old spat, that previously filled more than 400 flood buckets, were eagerly awaiting the move to the Harness Creek sanctuary where they would continue to expand the reef. 

While helping place the baby oysters into the South River, the young athletes also got to see eels, crabs and other wildlife move around in their area of the waterway.

But perhaps for the best part of the day for the growing boys—free pizza from the SRF.

Local mom Susanne Mestas shared pictures from the service project, and said the activity tied in nicely with pre-existing Chesapeake Bay projects many students are conducting at Central, Davidsonville and Lothian elementary schools.

Take a look and enjoy the photos shared by Mestas.


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