Top 10 Comments from Thursday Night's 'Blackout'

While some people freaked out a little, some of the best comments came from people cracking jokes in light of the power outage.

There probably couldn’t have been a worse night than last night to have a massive, unexplained power outage.

In the article’s comments and Edgewater-Davidsonville Patch’s Facebook page, most readers shared messages of concern and irony. However, a select few immediately went to humor and shared some posts that literally had my team and I laughing out loud.

Here is my personal roundup of the top 10 comments I saw from last night’s blackout. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

No editing was done to adjust these comments.

Mark E. Smith—"I just saw four horsemen riding through Davidsonville heading east."

Andrew Northcraft—"ufo landed at broadneck senior high football field."

Bruce Potter—"Saw a picture of my mother in law in a nightgown, Please God, If you cant scrub my eyes, let the world end. Im ready now."

Chad Bahan—"Kids thought it was Santa Clause. Saw sky light up greenish-purple over Annapolis from near Admiral Cochrane."

Zack Assarian—"I take my powers with me wherever I go!"

Mike Smollon—"Columbia has power so I guess we didn't get hit a a Mayan Space ship."

Jennifer Morgan Brill—"i saw the lights heading down 97 a couple miles away from riva exit... The entire sky lit up and changing colors, absolutely gorgeous!"

S C Eastport—"Glad that our leadership has nothing more to offer than 'I've never seen anything like this.'"

Kyle Bellamy—"Got a tweet from BGE not long after patch tweet saying they lost the trunk lines. First time EVER they had anything to say to me aside from you owe us money. Lol."

Edward Charles—"It's all Dubya's fault. (humor, don't be hating....)"


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