Senior Citizens Craft Scarves for Romanian Orphans

After learning about an employee's adventure to Romania, local residents at the senior living center decided to help out in the cause.

Senior citizens residing at Brightview South River recently crafted scarves and collected other warm clothing items for orphans in Romania to help one of its employees on a mission trip to the eastern European nation.

After learning about employee Jenny Smith’s upcoming journey to Romania, about a dozen residents at the senior living center decided they wanted going to help make Christmas extra special for children halfway across the world.  

Using their knitting skills, the women made scarves to go along with other donated hats, mittens and gloves to keep the orphans warm during Romania’s bitter cold.

Smith, an assistant who helps residents participate in various activities throughout the facility, is loved among many at Brightview, said Community Sales Director Marie O’Shea. When they heard about Smith’s trip to Romania, they all wanted to help, she said.

“I think our residents want to give back. They’ve had such rich lives, they really love Jenny and everything she does for them. They wanted to be a part of this because it was something important to her,” O’Shea said.

Smith is delivering the homemade scarves, donated gloves and hats this week since she already arrived in Romania. O’Shea said she and the Brightview community are excited to hear about Smith’s journey when she returns, and that the whole effort was focused on helping others experience a “truly special” holiday season.


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