Send Us Your Tips, Edgewater and Davidsonville

Keep Patch and your neighbors in the loop; you can post your news instantly.

Keep Patch and your neighbors in the loop.
Keep Patch and your neighbors in the loop.
Patch wants to know what's happening in Edgewater and Davidsonville.

Send news tips, photos, videos or questions about local stories you want us to cover to edgewater.patch.com. Anonymity will be protected.

Or, if you have a news release to share there's no need to wait on an editor.

You can instantly share your news with readers by posting directly to the site (no editor needed!). 

There are two ways to do. First, go to the boards section for Edgewater-Davidsonville Patch.

Or you can start a blog on Edgewater-Davidsonville Patch.

If you start a blog, you can use that as a dedicated space on the sites to share news, events, photos and whatever else you'd like. You can also cross-publish to nearby Patches, just by going into your settings and selecting nearby towns. This can really broaden your reach.


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