Resident Tammy Baldwin Wins E-D Patch Trivia Contest

The informed Patch reader gets to claim any and every piece of Patch "swag" she desires because she knew I found feral cats next to Yellowfin.

Eleven days ago I quizzed Patch readers to see who knew Edgewater and Davidsonville the best.

With 10 quick questions, I sought to crown the trivia king or queen of the land, and after viewing the answers the winner is Edgewater-Davidsonville Patch user Tammy Baldwin!

While she wasn’t the first person to answer all the questions, she was the first reader to get every answer correctly after she cited that feral cats—not osprey—were found living next to Yellowfin Steak & Fish House.

Question nine was a tricky question, asking people to name the restaurant that came before Bill Bateman’s. Truth is, two answers could work—Nonno’s or Pomodoro’s—and I accepted both.

That’s why, after she correctly answered “feral cats,” I labeled Tammy Baldwin the winner!

Want to see if you could get all the questions right? Here’s a review of each question I asked, along with the corresponding answer.

Question 1: Who was Davidsonville named after? Thomas Davidson

Question 2: What local business has Pixar's "Mater" sitting outside of it? Miller’s Garage on Rt. 214

Question 3: Who is the current Anne Arundel County Councilman for District 7? Jerry Walker

Question 4: How many "hot dog guys" work in the Edgewater and Davidsonville area? Two

Question 5: What national extreme sports star owns a home in Edgewater or Davidsonville? Travis Pastrana

Question: 6: What local eatery has an official prop from NBC's 30 Rock inside of it? Kahve Cafe

Question 7: What animal was "loose" inside a local high school last year? Tiger

Question 8: In 2012, what did Edgewater-Davidsonville Patch editor Jonathan Moynihan find living beside the Yellowfin Steak & Fish House? Feral cats

Question 9: What was the name of the restaurant that went under in the same building before Bill Bateman's Bistro went out of business? Pomodoro’s

Question 10: Who is the unofficial mayor of Shady Side? Mohan Grover


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