Aisquith Farms' "House on the Hill" is for Sale

Lester Aisquith's one-of-a-kind home goes on the market. Neighbors curious as to the fate of fabulous sledding hill.

When it snows, children from all over the area travel to the Aisquith Farms neighborhood off Riva Road in Davidsonville to sled down the enormous hill located on Lester Aisquith’s property. 

It's a tremendous hill, and children delight in racing down it over and over, never tiring of running back up to make the ride again.

A few months ago, Lester Aisquith passed away. Now his extraordinary house is on the market and neighbors are wondering who will buy the "house with the awesome sledding hill." The listing price is $2 million.

The History of Aisquith Farms

The story of property dates to the late 1800’s when the Aisquith family purchased the 400 acres tract for farming. Over the years, they grew wheat, soybeans, tobacco and corn on the farm that stretched from Riva Road to Beards Creek. In fact, the pond that graces the property today was hand-built by the Aisquith family for crop irrigation.

According to Elmer Aisquith, who remains on property adjacent to the Stoneridge development, as the generations passed, the farm was left to three brothers: Raymond, Edward and Therkle. 

Raymond had eight boys and one girl. Two of Raymond’s sons were Lester and Elmer. Lester and Elmer remained on the farm and over time sold property to developers who built what is now known as Waterford, Stoneridge and Aisquith Farms. One of Therkle’s children owned the majority of property which is now the Cambria neighborhood.

Lester Aisquith, as with all of his siblings, was born and raised in the family farmhouse which today sits on a small lot next to his property. 

When Lester moved out of his parent’s house, he simply relocated just up the hill into the custom-built home that became a fixture in the neighborhood.

The Home with Endless Amenities

The Aisquith house sits on nine acres of beautiful farmland, overlooking the neighborhoods that surround it.  The home has more than 6,000 square feet of finished living space, with three bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms and an owner’s quarters that includes a bedroom, two bathrooms, a private living room and an owner’s kitchen.

The amenities are endless and include heated ceramic tile and marble flooring in the foyer, kitchens and bathrooms, a commercial elevator that travels to the basement, garage, main level and second floor, a central vacuum system, whole-house intercom and speaker system and a stamped concrete driveway. 

“This is a truly amazing house,” says Sandy Lofgren-Sargeant, the listing agent. “Just when you think you’ve seen it all you turn the corner to another feature that leaves you speechless.”

For now, the house on the hill awaits a new owner.  In the end, whoever buys the home is getting more than just a great house. They are buying a piece of local history that has survived for generations.

And oh yes, they are also getting a fantastic sledding hill.


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