South Maryland Little League Launches Field Renovation Fundraising Campaign

Davidsonville Park baseball fields suffers from poor facilities and design, lacking access to water. SMLL hopes to refurbish the baseball fields by raising $20,000 to fund the much needed renovation.

The baseball fields suffer from an inconsistent and dangerous playing surface and inadequate irrigation. The baseball fields are largely unchanged since its construction and badly due for a renovation to bring up to date with other baseball fields in Anne Arundel County.

Through the use of donated funds, material, and volunteer labor, SMLL hopes to refurbish the baseball fields to a make them commensurate with the baseball fields of other local organizations in the county. Planned renovations include adding a new well to support the three baseball fields, adding irrigation systems to the field(s) and installing a grass infield on the 90’ baseball field.

Businesses can contact Mr. Thomas O’Farrell during the day at 410-573-6732 or evenings at 240-832-3045.  For your convenience, a link has been set up on our website for donations at: www.southmdll.com  or you can mail your donation to:

SMLL – Water for Davidsonville Park

P.O. Box 182

Davidsonville, MD 21035


All donations are 100% tax deductable.

Maryland South Baseball Association, Inc. is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)( 3 ) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Our Tax Exemption Number is 31165328.  Our Federal Tax Identification number is 52-2065377.

For more information please contact :

Louise Wiggins

SMLL Sponsorship/Fundraising Director



Suzanne June 27, 2013 at 09:22 AM
OFTEN for the past several years I have walked around & picked up ALOT of trash there. Mostly for the beauty of the great outdoors & I want mine CLEAN and for the exercize.... I just can't fathom folks being soooooo uncaring. Oh well, it takes all kinds as my grandma used to say. I am sooo sick of orange Gatorade tops, cigarette butts and half full water bottles. I can't understand why anyone would waste H2O... I am soooooo glad the recycling dumpster is back. :) I sure use it. Thank you!
Suzanne July 08, 2013 at 10:47 PM
it's me again....I tried to clean up ALOT of the trash around the dumpster that had been there for days....but a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to whomever finished the job! :) (it WASN'T the county!....) Thanks to who ever put the porta-potty back up correctly! God bless! :)


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